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Karuneekar Community

Karuneekars belong to the Kayastha community. They believe they are the descendants of Chitragupta, heir to lord Kethu Chitragupta has a temple dedicated to him in Kanchipuram. It is a temple known for removing the defects caused by the impact of Kethu on a person. This temple is the only sacred place devoted solely to Lord Chitragupta.

Thrie history is recorded in " Karuneegar Puranam " written by poet Paarisanadhar about 2000 years ago. Karuneekar are also referred as " kanukku pillai " which means accountants or book keepers responsible for all land surveys, land divisions fro the king and the rest of the people in Tamil Nadu.

Sub divisions:

  • Seer Karuneegar
  • Sri Karuneegar
  • Sarattu Karuneegar
  • Kaikatti Karuneegar
  • Madhuvazhi Kanakkar
  • Sozhi Kanakkar
  • Sunnambu Karuneegar

Karuneegars are Pillais by honorary title, Related by Saivism with other subdivisions known to be " Saiva Pillai ". Related by the blood towards " Kayastha and its divisions ".

Pillai are known to belong to all these three different ones.

Accounts employee = Kanakku Pillai
Masonry duty = Kothap Pillai
Cooking duty = Thavasu Pillai
Anchal = postal duty = Anchal Pillai
People who lived in Fort = Kottai Pillai
and so on and so forth.

Sutramulu and Gothras

The information regarding Sutramulu/Sutras, the Vedas they followed and the number of gothras in each Sutram is given below. There are six Sutras.

  1. Aapasthamba Sutram, the Veda is Krishna Yajurvedam and number of Gothras are 10.
  2. Asvalayana Sutram, the Veda is Rugvedam and the number of Gothras are 11.
  3. Thrahyayana Sutram, the Veda is Adarvana Vedam and the number of Gothras are 11.
  4. Kathyayana Sutram, the Veda is Adarvana Vedam and the number of Gothras are 11.
  5. Bodhayana Sutram, the Veda is Samavedam and the number of Gothras are 11.
  6. Vaikhanasa Sutram,the Veda is Adarvana Vedam and the number of Gothras 10.

There are 64 Gothras in Seer Karuneegar caste

  • Each Sutra contains 11 or 10 Gothras and also mentions the Vedas they followed.
  • There is also mention of 5.5 or 6.0 Pangu or Bagamulu(Divisions) related to Gothras.
  • All the Gothras in Sutras: Thrahyayan, Kathyayana and Bodhayana belong to 5.5. Pangu
  • All the Gothras in Sutras: Aapasthamba, Asvalayana and Vaikhanasa belong to 6.0 Pangu.

The number of Gothras in each Sutra are listed below.

Gothras of Aapasthamba Sutram

  • Athri Maharshi
  • Alachala Maharshi
  • Kathaka Maharshi
  • Niranga Maharshi
  • Anjali Maharshi
  • Agasthya Maharshi
  • Kurava Maharshi
  • Vakrutha Maharshi
  • Angidha Maharshi
  • Ashtakona Maharshi

Traditionally, those in 6.0 pangu are considered as 'pangaligal' or cousins within the gothrams and marriage from one gothram to another within 6.o pangu is taboo. So also is the case with 5.5 pangu. However, of late people do not strictly follow the gothram and cross marriage within the two groups became common, especially in Tamil Nadu.

Gothras of Asvalayana Sutram

  • Vyaghra Maharshi
  • Vamadeva Maharshi
  • Bhrugu Maharshi
  • Sprugu Maharshi
  • Gouthama Maharshi
  • Aurulala Maharshi
  • Dhunmuka Maharshi
  • Parasara Maharshi
  • Sthula Maharshi
  • Adhimuni Maharshi
  • Dhurvasa Maharshi

Gothras of Thrahyayana Sutram

  • Vedavyasa Maharshi
  • Padhalochana Maharshi
  • Sanathkumara Maharshi
  • Jamadhagni maharshi
  • Salya Maharshi
  • Divyanga Maharshi
  • Seera Maharshi
  • Jaya Maharshi
  • Kalaba Maharshi
  • Gowda Maharshi
  • Pathanjali Maharshi

Gothras of Kathyayana Sutram

  • Kapila Maharshi
  • Kanva Maharshi
  • Raada Maharshi
  • Pushpaka Maharshi
  • Rishyashruanga Maharshi
  • Sathya Maharshi
  • Bhugala Maharshi
  • Priyavakya Maharshi
  • Roma Maharshi
  • Shivamitra Maharshi
  • Kamandala Maharshi

Gothras of Bodhayana Sutram

  • Munjakesha Maharshi
  • Shivayoga Maharshi
  • Shuka Maharshi
  • Bhujanga Maharshi
  • Kashyapa Maharshi
  • Sutha Maharshi
  • Gomuni Maharshi
  • Naradha Maharshi
  • Viswamitra Maharshi
  • Meenava Maharshi
  • Bharadhwaja Maharshi

Gothras of Vaikhanasa Sutram

  • Janaka Maharshi
  • Pararuchi Maharshi
  • Madhava Maharshi
  • Vindu Maharshi
  • Vashishta Maharshi
  • Markanda Maharshi
  • Manu Maharshi
  • Valmiki Maharshi
  • Deva Maharshi
  • Mareechi Maharshi

Karuneegars are concentrated mainly in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and southern parts of Karnataka. They also redie in parts of Kerala, Mumbhai and Delhi. In Tamil Nadu, they mainly reside in the northern districts. In Andhra Pradesh they are also referred as Karnams.